Kate Davies Designs

Port Charlotte Yoke10 copy.jpg

Working with my wife, the designer and writer, Kate Davies, I’ve produced photography for eleven popular knitwear collections and over 150 individual patterns. Kate’s work takes its inspiration from Scottish textile history and Scotland’s landscape: we very rarely photograph her work in a studio. On weekends and days off, we are often to be found out and about with our camper van, scouting out locations and attempting to style and photograph knitwear in some pretty unusual settings. Surely one of the best things about the Scottish weather is that it is knitwear-appropriate all the year round?

Kate’s work is enjoyed by hand-knitters in over 60 countries worldwide, and her audience particularly enjoys her connection to the Scottish landscape. As well as capturing the colours, texture and essential shaping elements of each design, I like to photograph each sample in a seasonally-appropriate setting which works well with Kate’s palette and inspiration..


From crisp lochside winter frosts…

Strodie Snowey Carbeth Alt-126.jpg

… to windswept Hebridean beaches…

Moonlight Pabay-14.jpg

…to the drama of Loch Doine.

Want to learn more? Why not visit Kate’s blog here.